Need a friend? I'm here to listen and chat.

Camera during play:OFF

Listen to her voice:15"


I'm actually looking for a job (life's tough) and I found this site. I might as well just give a try, maybe anyone out there is willing to buy my tickets and chat and play with me. I mean, aren't we all here for that same reason? heehe...

So about me...
Loves to chat about anything new and is willing to listen to different stories.

I mostly play Genshin Impact for now, but I will be playing on Nintendo Switch soon. Hopefully, since I don't have a switch yet.

Need to polish your English? I can do that as well too. We can talk about life, romance, anime, games, philosophy, etc.

I'm often free . . .
and I play most of the time for now, but I prefer in the earliest of morning and late in the evenings.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

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