Come chill?

Camera during play:OFF


Socially awkward introverted gamer who happens to like watching anime too. PS. I have a cat.

I have been playing sims as a kid up to now that I am an adult already. Played The Sims 2 up to 4. I also played animal crossing on my 3DS and on Nintendo Switch. I play some a bit of Minecraft on the side too, which i do it interchangeably with Sims 4. You could say that i like to play open-world games cause it makes me feel like I am the God of my own world. 3:

Topics of chat during game play: Anything game related with a side of being too over-friendly (iykwim)

Days and times that suit me: I am a night owl.

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  • Nintendo Switch
  • PC

Voice chat apps

  • Discord


  • English