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Self-description:I'm Sushmitha, known for being a great listener and clear communicator. I'm so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying. I'm modest, but hard working and I consistently set firm goals for myself. I'm a person who can control a situation rather than having a situation control me. I'm an optimistic person but I'm also realistic about how satisfactory or unsatisfactory the current situation is. I'm someone who is mature, candid and has integrity. I'm half princess, half ninja (deal with it!) 😂😂I'm almost perfect (When I heavily edit my selfies) :😜😜😜I'm so open-minded (my brain will fall out😊😊😊  
Games that I play: mobile legends and tongits Go
Topics of chat during game play: anything but not so harsh😉😉😉

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