April Glorioso

April Glorioso

Looking for ka-duo? Let's go! Let's play!

Camera during play:OFF


Self-description: College Student, Very optimistic, morena with a big eyes and nose.

Games that I play: Mobile Legends: Bang bang, COC, Lords Mobile, RUG, Call of Duty, The sims etc.

Topics of chat during game play: My team mates and I always plan on how to make our first move up until our last move and of course we always remind each other to enjoy the game and do not take it personally.

Days and times that suit me: I am always on the go during afternoon to evening. I play a lot of games so I prefer to be more precise about the time when should I start and when should I stop. But then, I always enjoy playing. That is one of the most important right?

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  • PlayStation 4/5
  • PC

Voice chat apps

  • Game chat app

  • Discord

  • Zoom

  • Phone


  • English