Neko Meow

Neko Meow

Valorant Anyone?




I am actually quite new to the gaming world but I did start playing Valorant and ML. It's quite fun so far!
- I'm also open to trying new games

Netflix is my friend for new kdramas and animes while reading manhwa is something that I also like doing in my free time! I use discord, and telegram for my hobbies too.

I like chatting about a variety of topics. From life, to love, to family and friends but if you just want to talk about games, feel free to do so! I want to learn more about the fun things in life. I feel like I haven't done a lot of fun stuff so I'd really want to explore.

I think I'm free as long as it's 9 am to 10 pm? There are times that I'd be awake at 11 pm-1 am but it's quite rare.

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  • PC


  • Game chat app

  • Discord

  • Zoom


  • English